Attention men. You don't know the whole truth. At least that's what one published report says. And the report has 30 different examples.

Maybe you thought there would be one or two, right guys. Nope.Thirty. That's right, came up with two and a half dozen secrets your girl is keeping from you. I'll share a few of them with you here. See if you agree.

Her Best Friend. No matter what she tells you and how many times she denies it, the best friend knows everything. Yep. Everything.

You vs Them. No matter how many times she denies it, she does compare you to her ex's.

Did You Pass? She is continuously testing you. She judges every word you say and every face you make.

Your Best Friend. Brace yourself for this one guys. She fantasizes about him because, according to the article, she "wants a piece of a guy who is close to you".

Some of these sound pretty harsh, and I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply to all women, or even most women. What do you think? True or not?