Family can be one of a kind, and then there are the oh-so-loving sisters that I consider to be in an entirely different category. In my family, there is myself who is the oldest, Alyssa who is stuck in the middle, and Jessica who is the youngest.

Left to right: Jessica (youngest), Mother (mediator), Alyssa (middle), Nicole (oldest)
Left to right: Jessica (youngest), Mother (mediator), Alyssa (middle), Nicole (oldest)

You know the deal: I can call them names, but you for sure can't or we will have problems. At times we are the best of friends, and the others are the worst of enemies. So check out some of the most common fights my sisters and I have. (Please tell me we are not alone)

1. Clothes

Here's a game: Have all of the women of your household get ready in separate rooms at the same time. When they all come out ready to go, you will instantly hear, "That is my shirt!" "Well, those are the earrings I have been looking for!" "And do you ever plan on giving me back those pants I let you borrow forever ago?!" World War 3 commence...

2. Chores

Now, this fight is also common among all siblings, but let's just say sisters have the ability to turn this fight into an art form. In my household, there has been yelling, crying, constant bathroom visits, water fights, and then as a result, a flooded kitchen floor and angry parents. Yes, I know if we just did the work it would be done within minutes. But where is the fun in that?

3. Pets' Attention

When all three sisters were home for the summer, our household consisted of Mother, Father, Nicole, Alyssa, Jessica, Mustachio the cat, and Atticus the dog. Mix everyone together, and getting the pets to yourself is one of the most intense competitions the Murray house has ever seen. "Don't touch him, it's my time!" "If you make him move from cuddles you are dead." .....charming aren't we?


Yes, everything is a competition. You can't seriously be surprised? There is no more desirable thing that a sister wants than to steal the attention that she is not getting. If you add the pets in there also vying for the parents' attention, they must be on the brink of losing their minds.

5. Parking Spots

Try and fit five cars into one driveway, I dare you. We try to maintain the same parking spots overall so if you are that member of the family that messes the entire formation up, beware.

6. Wrestling Gone Wrong

Sisters prank and sisters wrestle. It is like part of the Sister Handbook. But you know the typical chain of events. Laughter and joking ensues an intense wrestling match which ends with someone getting accidentally elbowed in the face and in tears.

7. Boys

Now I am sure you are assuming we are fighting over a boy, and you are correct but not necessarily the way that you are initially thinking. We don't steal each others' boys but more get on each others' backs about the boy they are seeing. You'll hear, "Why on earth are you still texting him?" or "Stop snap chatting him!"

Do you and your siblings experience similar arguments? How about different? Either way, please make me feel like a better sister and let us know some of your most epic sibling fights below!

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