As summer winds down, we asked you what you'd miss most about it in our latest Jersey Shore Poll and the results are in.

We all know that there are a lot of things to miss about a Jersey Shore summer, and it might not be easy to narrow down what we'll miss the most as we head deeper into September in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

It turns out that it came down to four things. And what topped that list? It turns out the #1 answer is probably the #1 thing we complain about in the summer.  We're really going to miss summer weather! That top response received 37% of your votes.

In a close second was visiting our beautiful beaches and boardwalks. That got 26% of the vote. No one can argue that it hurts a little when our beaches and boardwalks wrap it up for the season.

A little over one in five responders (21%) said they would miss the family time summer brings the most, and the remaining 16% will miss hanging at the pool more than anything else.

As we said, there's a lot to miss about a Jersey Shore summer, and after "our summer" her at the Jersey Shore winds down in a few weeks, the countdown will be on for Summer 2018!

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