The 2019 Academy Award nominations have been announced, and a CBA graduate woke up yesterday morning to find out the film he helped make is now a contender!

This is a photo of Sean McDermott of Wall Township on the set of the short film "Skin", where he was the set decorator and prop handler -- including having to hold onto this snake in-between takes.

Sean graduated from CBA in 2011, then went on to college in Connecticut and then to NYC where he worked on music videos before moving to California a couple of years ago.

Before he could even submit a resume, he was hired to work on Skin (which is now being made into a full-length film.) This photo was taken on the set while Sean was wrangling the snake for a scene with a child actor.

(Photo courtesy of Sean McDermott)
(Photo courtesy of Sean McDermott)

Look for Skin in the Oscar category of "Best Live-Action Short Film" (we'll be rooting for your film, Sean!!!) and check out the trailer (and that snake!) by CLICKING HERE!

Let's hope that our Monmouth County boy can soon add to his resume "Oscar Winning Film."

For a look at the rest of the nominees, CLICK HERE

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