After drinking a few too many White Claws on Friday night, I woke up feeling a little rough on Saturday morning. I was in desperate need of breakfast and some fresh air.

I guess things happen for reasons, because I have been wanting to taste test a well-known Jersey Shore bagel joint. One of their locations is in walking distance from my condo in Belmar. They also have locations in Wall and Manasquan.

So, Saturday morning, I splashed water on my face, struggled to put sweatpants on and then I slowly walked to the popular bagel joint on Main St. I felt like a fat slug because there were a ton of people getting ready for a 5k race, and there I was, looking like garbage in need of a pork-roll sandwich. More below!

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I am happy to say, my first experience at Corner Bagelry won't be my last. I am honestly shocked that this was my first time ever trying this place. The pork-roll was delicious, but more importantly the everything bagel with cream cheese was top notch. The bagel was soft, fresh and it makes me want to ask you, does Corner Bagelry make the highest quality bagel in Monmouth County?

Corner Bagelry: 

Since first opening our doors over four decades ago, Corner Bagelry’s first location in Manasquan, NJ has been serving the highest-quality homemade bagels, muffins, crumb cakes, and more to the Jersey Shore using only the finest ingredients. Fast forward a few years, and the Whille family now proudly operates three locations across coastal Monmouth County. Our Wall Township location opened in 2009 and our latest location in Belmar opened in 2013…

Corner Bagelry can provide great catering services, and they are currently offering a few employment opportunities.

My new favorite Monmouth County bagel is made at Corner Bagelry. Who makes your favorite bagel? Do you agree with the best bagel list below?! COMMENT & SHARE!

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