Any parent knows that it doesn't take much for a kid to burst into tears, and while sure, sometimes it's for good reason, more often than not they are plain old crocodile tears.

One dad has turned his son's crying into an internet sensation.

Greg Pembroke, Tumblr

In what might be my favorite blog since HonestToddler, 'Reasons My Son is Crying' is taking over the web.

Greg Pembroke posts pictures of his sons crying, with funny captions under them. Simple, but hysterical.

It shows his sons Charlie and William crying because of things like:

  • 'We wouldn’t let him open the hotel door and run naked through Times Square.'
  • 'I wouldn’t let him eat the candy he found on the diner floor.'

and, my personal favorite,

Greg Pembroke, Tumblr
  • 'I wouldn’t let him drink bath water.'

Ah, kids. Check out Reasons My Son is Crying. You're guaranteed to laugh, or at the very least, nod and relate.

What's the most ridiculous reason why your child cried? Tell us in the comment section below!