If you've lived in New Jersey for a while you probably think you've heard every fun fact or trivia question about the Garden State, but you might not know this one.

Recently, Best Life tried to come up with a crazy fact about each state in America, and the one they uncovered (they really didn't uncover it since it has been around for about 440 million years) is a good one.

We all know that we have mountains in New Jersey, but would it surprise you that New Jersey has it's very own volcano. What? Yep, it true. It's in Sussex County and it's called the Beemerville Volcano.

The volcano was active 440 million years ago according to atlasobscura.com. Here's the exceptionally good news. It is not an active volcano anymore. It is, however, pretty popular among hikers.

And even though the peak of the volcano is private property and not open to the public, the area around is considered desirable real estate. Who knew?

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