If you love the Garden State (or not), it's always fun to find out some facts about the state that you might not have known.

We start today's lessons with some words that rhyme. If you're writing a poem about New Jersey, two key features of the state conveniently rhyme, horses and divorces. Those are not two words you'd expect to go together, but they do, and here's why.

New Jersey is tops in the nation in for most horses per square mile, and we have the lowest divorce rate in the nation, according to Reader's Digest. So, go ahead. Start writing your New Jersey poem.

And while we're at it, let's throw in a weird New Jersey law that Reader's Digest points out. We all know that murder is illegal. So, what's weird about that? Well, apparently in the Garden State you're in more trouble if you murder someone while wearing a bulletproof vest.

Yes, if you commit (or attempt to commit) a first degree crime, wearing a bulletproof vest while you're doing it is a second degree offense.

So there you have it. Today's New Jersey lesson. We'll call it Horses, Divorces and The Law.

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