Were you able to figure out which Jersey Shore road was in this picture? There was a pretty big clue right in the middle of the shot.

We think this roadway is pretty recognizable on it's own, but despite that, we decided to leave a huge clue right there in the photo. Yes. that green sign in the middle is a cross street. Did it help you out?

It apparently did help, because more people got the right answer on this one than on any other mystery photo we've posted. The correct answer, in case you didn't get it, is Route 35 in Bay Head (heading northbound if you wanted to be more specific.

And of course, to even get more specific, it's the corner of Route 35 and Mount St. If you were too busy trying to identify the markings on the road or the buildings, you might have missed the "Mount St." sign right in the middle of the picture.

Between the road sign and the clues (Ocean County, and it;s busier in the summer) this one was a slam dunk for many of you. And why not? It feels good to be right once in a while, doesn't it?, So enjoy! Thanks for all the answers!

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