We love to celebrate the great and memorable spots all over the Jersey Shore. I wondered if you could tell me where I was when I took this picture.

This is a really fun one because it's one of those photos that contains probably the biggest clue you can get regarding the location. If you don't know it from the obvious focus of the picture, you may be able to get it by observing the other things you see in it.

I have gone back and forth on whether to give you additional clues about this, but I think I'm just going to give you a general fact or two, like for instance that I was in Ocean County, and that this is a famous Shore town.

I think that's about all I'm willing to give you, and frankly, I think that's about all you should need on this one. But if you really twist my arm I may give you one more. Ok, fine, here's your final clue. The town name has two words in it.

That's all you get, so take your best guess and check in tomorrow, when we offer up the correct answer on this one, and good luck.

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