We all spend way more time on our Jersey Shore roadways than we'd like to, so it shouldn't be any problem to name a road just by a picture of it.

You would think that would be the case, but most times we find that it's a lot harder than you might think it would be. We want to test that theory again today, so let's see if you can name the Jersey Shore road in the picture above.

We'll also give you a couple of general clues. For example, this road is a lot busier in the summer than the winter. Now we know that only narrows it down a little bit, so here's another clue.

Well, actually we don't have to give you the clue here, because the clue is in the picture, and it's a pretty large clue. When you find it, you will know almost instantly, which town we were in and which road we were on when we shot this photo.

So, take a good luck and give it your best guess, and we'll publish the answer for you tomorrow morning. And in case we didn't mention it, we'll drop one parting clue. Think Ocean County. Good luck!

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