Experts say that certain personality traits may affect your ability to lose weight. Some are relatively obvious, but others may surprise you.

For instance, if you are a quiet person, it may give you an advantage in the weight loss category. In a report at, an expert says, "Introverts may have a more thoughtful, less impulsive style that enables them to consider their choices more rationally."

Other personality traits like being impulsive, being hard on yourself or having mood swings seem to be logical roadblocks to weight loss, but not so much with some others. How about this one,,,are you self centered? If you are, you have a better chance of losing weight than others. Thinking of yourself first apparently leads to more willpower.

And easygoing people tend to be slimmer than those who are a little more on the neurotic side, according to an expert. So, it seems we've finally figured out the key to weight loss. Just be a quiet, easygoing self centered introvert. Somehow I think it will take more than just that.

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