Monmouth/Ocean has become a testing ground for new Dunkin Donuts creations. From the Croissant donut to the Chips Ahoy! donut. However, their new roll out could be a game changer!

The Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich is coming to locations in Monmouth and Ocean counties starting June 29.

photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts
photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

It's described as "a traditional pork roll breakfast sandwich with a Dunkin' twist: croissant, egg, American cheese and two slices of pork roll," according to a release. "Most of Jersey has grown up eating pork roll, and now they can enjoy one at Dunkin' Donuts."

DD will no doubt have a lot of competition when it comes to this particular sandwich. Pork roll is a Jersey Shore staple and there are plenty of awesome local spots to grab an amazing pork roll, egg and cheese.

Will you try Dunkin Donuts pork roll sandwich? Tell us in the comment section below.

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