When Liz and I gladly agree to spend time together after the show, there must be a good reason and a visit yesterday from our friends at Falafel Brothers in Brick was a good and delicious reason.

First, let's start with this. These guys are great guys, and they really are brothers. And all of their amazing Mediterranean food tastes like it's home made, and there's a good reason for that.

All of the food is made fresh, and those amazing recipes are Mom's, so they must be fantastic, and they are. The great thing about the food at Falafel Brothers is that you'll love every bite of it, and it's so healthy!

I've never heard a room that contained me and Liz so quiet. There was a lot of chewing, only a little talking, and absolutely no arguing. The Falafel Brothers food might just be magical!

We feasted on some amazing baba ganoush, hummus, lamb and chicken shawarma, grape leaves, and of course, their signature falafel, and one item was more delicious than the next.

You've got to head to Falafel Brothers, 515 Brick Blvd in Brick for a great alternative to the same old meals you've been having lately. Check out the full interview in the video below!

Lou & Liz and the Falafel Brothers


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