When someone talks about seasonal visitors at the Jersey Shore, our thoughts all travel to the same place...summer. But that's not the only time we get visitors that stick around just a little too long.

It is that time of year again for the return of the parking lot snow mountain. Yep, that's right, that huge pile of snow that sits in specific spots in the parking lot all winter long is back and ready for another season.

These piles of snow and ice have returned to the Jersey Shore. The average one stands about 10 feet tall and grows filthier each day until it is the color of the inside of a garbage dumpster.

Each day the sun hits it and it leaks just enough water to create some ice the next night, and even though it melts a little each day, it seems to be bigger each time we see it. It takes up parking spots and doesn't leave until the last minute of the season is squeezed out.

We all know that on a May day, we'll all be surprised that a 1 foot high dirty pile of snow still remains even though it's like 60 degrees out. How does that even happen? Who knows, but it does happen...every year.

So let's all remember that seasonal guests who take our parking spots and don't leave until the last possible minute aren't limited to summer here at the Jersey Shore!

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