Man, this took a while. For over two years, the Joe Pesci mansion has been waiting to be sold. We thought it was sold then it just sat in limbo.

Granted, COVID really got it the way but still, that is a really long time to tie up those real estate ends.  The Pesci mansion makes me smile because it is as unique as the man. It required a very specific buyer, they and found him.

He's an architect and custom home builder who probably has big plans in mind.

This Lavallette waterfront home found met its perfect match and it is officially off the market.

This large eight-bedroom home on Barnegat Bay has breathtaking views and lots of potentials.  After much going back and forth they settled on $5 million.

This is the coolest part, the negotiations included our favorite Jersey actor leaving memorabilia from his epic acting career with the home!

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That is worth the price right there if you ask this super-fan.  He included movie set items from Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and The Irishman.  I’m so jealous!

So you thought this puppy was already sold right?  Me too. Back in November, we found out that a notice of settlement was filed with the Ocean County Clerk’s Office but it took until this month for it to finally close.

On February 2nd, the buyer was listed as an architect and custom home builder.  This makes lots of sense to me because that property is stunning but the cosmetic aspect could use a creative touch.

John J. Chando is the new owner and  I predict we get some new architecture to marvel at after this guy gets his hands on it!

Imagine how incredible it would be to make this kind of return on investment.  Records show that Joe originally paid $850K and now he is selling for a cool 5 mil!  This is why he was in no rush.  Let's be nosey and look inside!


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