We came across some town names around America that we thought might just be great town names here at the Jersey Shore as well.

Let's check out some of these actual town names from across the country.

Wouldn't you love to wake up in a town called Hot Coffee? I mean is there anything we love more at the Jersey Shore than our coffee? The actual Hot Coffee is in Mississippi.

With all the troubles we have on the roads around the Jersey between construction and seemingly daily fender benders, wouldn't it make sense to have a town named Accident? Well, there already is one in and it's in Maryland.

How many times have you seen the way one of your neighbors parks, drives, talks or acts and all you can say to yourself is ,Why"? Well, even though the Jersey Shore could be the capital of "Why"?, we don't have a town named that, but Arizona does!

And of course nobody ever agrees on anything in the Garden State, and if there's a Why, there has to be a Why Not, right? And, there is...in Mississippi!

So if we ever have to name a town at the Jersey Shore, we have a few good ideas to start with. Check out other unusual town names at msn.com.