It's time for the latest installment of Name The Jersey Shore Town, so let's see how well you know the Jersey Shore.

It's pretty simple to play along. We give you three clues about the town. Sometimes the clue is historical, sometimes it's geographical and sometimes it's just something about the town you just might know.

Alright, here are the three clues about the town in the spotlight today. See if you can figure it out...

Big summer destination. The number of summer visitors is 5 times higher than it's year round population of 5000 people.

Beach badge pioneers. This town was the first in the entire country to issue them.

Big fire in 1974. A legendary hotel that was over 7 decades old burned down in April of that year and was never rebuilt.

There are your clues. We this one is a pretty easy one, so take your best guess and we'll have the official answer tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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