You love living at the Jersey Shore. You know the area well, and you know a lot about Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Or do you?

We're giving you a chance to show off your knowledge of the Jersey Shore, and this time the historical focus will be on town names. We're not talking about what the town is called now, though.

What we want is for you to identify the town by it's current  name and the only clue you'll get is the town's original name. Ready to give it a try? Here are three original Monmouth & Ocean County town names. What are they known as now?

Key Grove Farms

Shrewsbury Township (after that Ocean Township)

Metedeconk (after that Burrsville)

There they are. Three lovely Monmouth & Ocean County towns and the names they were once known as. Try your best to come up with the towns' current names. We'll have the answers for you tomorrow.

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