We know all the names of all the Jersey Shore area towns, but did you ever wonder how some of them got their name?

Today we focus on a small Monmouth County town, with a name that on the surface, may seem a bit mysterious. Actually it's a pretty simple explanation of the town name and how it came to be. The town in the spotlight this time around is Interlaken.

What does the name mean? Well, it's sort of as simple as it sounds. It means "between the lakes". And how did Interlaken get that name? It all started with a doctor from Boston according to interlakenboro.com.

His name was Dr. Francis Weld. He and his wife bought some land and named their new farm after a town in Switzerland known as Interlochen. They ultimately turned the land into a residential community and the rest is history.

If you want to learn more about the history of this wonderful town, you should check out the Borough of Interlaken website.

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