A hard-working single mom who is in nursing school and trying to do all the right things in life for her family is now being helped by Coastal Habitat for Humanity in Asbury Park to get out of a dangerous Asbury Park area and into a home they can call their own in a safer neighborhood.

I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful and generous group of volunteers who are giving of their time to help in any way they can, through Coastal Habitat, to give Syeda and her 4 young daughters the opportunity to move into a home they can call their own.
(Samore, Sariya, and Simone, photo by Coastal Habitat)
The girls are 9-year old Sariya (a Hall Monitor at her school), 8-year old Samore, and 3-year old Simone (who is the cutest pre-schooler I have ever met) and they were telling me their dreams for when they get to move in...and how at this time next year they hope to be baking cookies and getting ready for Christmas in their new home.
The oldest daughter, Sade, is 11 and was at cheerleading after school yesterday( and is also trying for Student Council!) so she isn't in these photos.
Joining up with Coastal Habitat is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities you will ever become a part of. To get to know a deserving family and to work with others who are giving of their time to put some physical labor into the building of a home from start to finish is a way to really see how we can all make a difference and help our neighbors in need.
(The girls all got their own personalized hard hats, courtesy of Coastal Habitat)
And Coastal Habitat is doing more than just building a home from the ground up for Syeda and her girls. There are numerous neighborhood projects you and your friends or co-workers can jump in and help out on in local neighborhoods whose homeowners could use a hand, including programs like 'Love your Neighbor,'  'Aging in Place,' and 'Brushed with Kindness.'
With these programs, volunteers are able to give their time and talent to provide communities and homes with that little extra TLC by joining with Coastal Habitat for painting, repair work, neighborhood and yard cleanup and, of course, construction. It’s amazing to watch the transformation and the difference that a few hours of team work can make.
Coastal Habitat's homeowners are incredible people, each with a story, and they are so appreciative of what having help from Habitat for Humanity can mean for them.
(Exec. Director Heather Schulze with Syeda, her daughters, and Liz Jeressi, photo from Coastal Habitat)
So if you have a group of co-workers, a group of students, or are part of a local business team, or even if you have a group of friends that likes to get together to be constructive and bless others with your time and help, come out to help on one of these projects! Or you can volunteer as an individual to come out and help.
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If you check the website and it's down due to updating, please reach out to Event & Volunteer Coordinator Kimberly Sambade: ksambade@coastalhabitat.org.
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And stay tuned for updates in the new year as we watch these 4 little girls and their mom get their new home built in Asbury Park!
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Here's the latest progress...from the basement to the lumber...a little at a time and then the framing will come!
The lumber is in! Photo by Liz Jeressi
When it was just the basement, photo by Liz Jeressi