Today's weather might have the majority of us cursing winter's name, but every now and then you realize there are a few cool things about these frosty months!

It's been so cold lately around the Jersey Shore that a lot of the rivers, lakes, and bays have frozen over.

I live in Red Bank, and I've been admiring the frozen Navesink and Swimming Rivers for a week or so now. It's a very cool thing to see...and a cooler thing to walk on.

walking on the river
Laurie Cataldo

It was a wonderfully mild weekend, and as Duzzy and I were walking around town, we noticed a ton of people walking out in the middle of the river, with ice boats zipping back and forth.

Ice boats look like sailboats, but they have what look like skis attached to the bottom, which lets them glide across the frozen water.

Now, since I had no way to know how thick the ice was, and I didn't want to end up on the news, I didn't go out all that far.

Had the ice broken, I'm pretty sure I would have only fallen into a foot or two of water. I would have been cold and wet, but otherwise okay.

Those other daredevils are far braver than me!

I was surprised to see people out walking on it again on Sunday morning, but by Sunday afternoon, most of the ice had melted.

With today's storm, and more frigid temps on the way, the ice boats may make another comeback soon...but my days of walking on water are probably behind me!

Would you walk on the river ice? Tell us in the comment section below!

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