What happens when a couple of creative guys grab a camera, dig their stand up paddleboards (SUP) out of the snow, and hit the ice-filled waters in Monmouth County?

Some amazing footage.

The recent weather has led to the buildup of ice floes in our local waterways. It's such a strange sight to see around here, yet so perfectly awesome.

Created by Kyle Arcomano and Carter McCoy, it's described as 'paddling through an iceberg field on the Navesink River in New Jersey.' I was trying to figure out where on the Navesink they were, looks like it's maybe over by the Oceanic Bridge?

Wherever they were, they got some amazing shots, and I'm sure it was even more breathtaking in person!

(Please note: these guys are experienced paddlers. Please don't attempt to go out into the icy water, especially to stand on floating ice, unless you are absolutely certain that it's safe to do so. That's how you wind up on the news. Or seriously hurt. And no one wants that.)

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