Sure, tourist tips should be helpful, but it's even better when they are funny!

This awesomely funny video shows puppet Johnny T. giving funny tips to potential NYC tourists.

I can't help but think there needs to be a Jersey Shore version!

My Jersey Shore tourist tips?

1.As Johnny T. explained, yep, you're a jerk. Having an out-of-state license plate makes me REALLY likely to immediately be annoyed with you. As he also said, I'm sure I become that annoying jerk when i go elsewhere. It's just how it is.

2. The 'Get Out of the Way' thing still applies...are you in the left lane of the Parkway? Is someone behind you? GET OUT OF THE WAY. Are you in line at the crazy busy local ice cream place and decide you need to try every flavor? GET OUT OF THE WAY. Butter Pecan tastes the same everywhere you go, stop it!

3. Coming to the beach? Right on! We appreciate your tourism dollars and know exactly why you want to check out the Shore...but be respectful -- throw your trash in the garbage cans, not the sand.

4. MTV 'Jersey Shore' and the actual Jersey Shore are two different things. Don't act like you're on the former.

What would your 'Jersey Shore Tourist Tips' be? Tell us in the comment section below!