This Saturday, March 23rd, is National Puppy Day. And, so far, this is the cutest puppy I have come across locally.

(Photo by Perri Barra)

Meet Captain Fin.

This precious puppy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was rescued and is now living with a very loving mommy and daddy (Perri and Joe) in Monmouth County.

How did this family find one of the most precious puppies on planet Earth? Perri was actually searching Petfinder for a female dog but then (on Facebook) saw this puppy with a message that  read “free to a good home."

Turns out the family who was getting rid of this adorable puppy had gotten him for Christmas and realized puppies are hard work. So they were looking to re-home him. Perri says they were really nice and she isn't judging them...she is just happy to have Fin in her care now.

And Fin certainly fell into the right hands because Perri happens to run a pet care service (for pet sitting and dog walking in Monmouth County.) Check it out HERE.

Perri took care of this baby's kennel cough and fixed him right up. And look how precious he is!!!!! She says Fin’s as sweet as he looks and loved so much...even the cats are starting to like him, lol.

(Photo by Victor Bubadias)

Fin even had his first professional photo shoot with family friend Victor Bubadias!

Happy Puppy Day, Fin, and all the other puppies out there! Do you have a puppy picture to show us?

And P.S. Did you know that Starbucks offers a Puppuccino drink for your puppy?  It's actually a Starbucks cup filled with whipped cream! lol. No need to leave your puppy out the next time you stop for coffee...when you can bring him home a 'drink' of his own as a treat, lol!

(Photo by Victor Bubadias)
(Photo by victor Bubadias)