I finally had a chance to stop by this place. Here are some of my observations.

One of the new Lidl Grocery Stores to go up in our area is on Rt. 35 North next to the Lowe's near Monmouth Mall.

(Photo from Liz Jeressi)

I had to stop in both out of curiosity and to pick up a few items.

The store was very spacious. I love that it isn't cramped. And of course it is super clean since it's new.

The shopping carts are a bonus -- so smooth and lovely, LOL!!!

(Photo from Liz Jeressi)

And I LOVE that they have the mini shopping carts for 'future Lidl-ers'. My boys used to LOVE doing their 'own shopping' with these baby carts that are replicas of the larger ones, but most grocery stores in our area have done away with them, or switched to plastic ones.

Mini grocery carts for the Lid-lers! Photo from Liz Jeressi

The prices on many items were definitely lower, but you have to, in some instances, get used to brand names that you haven't tried before....although many items are the same brands as you would find in other local grocery stores.

(Photo from Liz Jeressi)

They also actually had some pretty nifty non-food items and holiday gift items, similar to what Aldi does in terms of shopping items that are for your home and family aside from food. We actually found an amazing deal on a pair of ALL LEATHER (not just the uppers) boots that my son loved.

BYOB (Bring your own bags) or pay a few cents to buy some when packing up your groceries at check-out.

My check-out girl was super bubbly and friendly.

P.S. There is a paved connecting roadway from the Lidl parking lot to the Lowe's lot without having to go back out onto the highway in case you have to pick up anything for your home projects while you are out running errands and grocery shopping.