The TV Production teachers at Raritan High School have done it again! Check this out.

Laura Harak and Erica Robinson are television production teachers at Raritan High School in Hazlet. Last year they started a tradition of making an end of the year teacher music video.

This year's video features teachers from all departments, plus secretaries, security guards, administrators, and even the lunch ladies.

(Photo courtesy of Erica Robinson)

Erica says the students get a kick out of seeing their favorite teachers lip sync, dance, and pull crazy stunts.

What a great way to end the school year (school ends late for them this year -- June 28th.) Hopefully they will continue to keep this great tradition going at Raritan!

Thanks so much for sharing this.....I love it!!!

(Photo courtesy of Erica Robinson)
(Photo courtesy of Erica Robinson)

I wish all teachers were this cool :)

Here's the video. Enjoy!