This story was sent in from a mom who has watched another mom struggle every day to get her kid to school.

Tiffaney writes:

"The Gaedt family struggles every day. They are a family of six. Three out of the six are 5-year old triplets.

(Photo courtesy of Laura Gaedt)
(Photo courtesy of Laura Gaedt)

Their son Jared has Cerebral Palsy. I see his mother Laura struggle with his wheelchair every day. It has been deemed unsafe for Jared to ride the his mom drives him to school.

Our children go to the same school. I am also the mother of triplets. I understand her struggle. I see her on the verge of tears every morning just trying to get him in the door.

The cost of a new chair is about $4,000 not including special attachments he needs for head support, etc. This family is awesome but struggles to make it.

Please help them help their little boy."

After reading this letter, I remembered the story of Jared, who we featured on our show and in a blog a while back, so I reached out to ask his mom, Laura, for an update.

She says they got Jared a wheelchair last year, so insurance won't pay for a travel chair this year. They have tried EVERY avenue. His current travel chair has been deemed NOT SAFE for him to ride on the school bus. So she struggles to get him to school herself, then get him into the old travel chair and tie things in place so that he stays in.

Jared is now 5 years old and is currently not talking, sitting or walking. He has CP, multiple seizure disorders, PVL (dead spots on the brain,) Cortical visual impairment, and scoliosis.

Laura says she has tried in vain to get the insurance company and town to help her. It's been a struggle even to get his formula covered. One heartless insurance person even went so far as to tell her "he's 5, he should not be drinking from a bottle." Don't you think Jared's mom WISHES he could drink from a cup?!

If you could like to help this family, CLICK HERE to donate via Facebook or CLICK HERE to donate via GoFundMe.

To keep up to date on Jared, you can follow his journey HERE.

For more details about this precious little boy, CLICK HERE to read the original story.


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