Snow is in the forecast today and that means one thing for sure here in the Garden State. The bad drivers are warming up their cars and getting ready to hit the road.

Of course, it's not you and me. We are cautious and careful each time we drive. You and I are some of the best drivers I know, especially in bad weather. I'm talking about that one driver who is disgusted that everyone else is being cautious.

You know the driver. The one who's car somehow magically doesn't have to worry about slippery conditions or ice. The one who couldn't bear to leave 5 minutes earlier and the driver who has to tailgate anyone who shows any attempt at being careful.

It's probably the same driver who leans on the horn if you don't floor it the millisecond the light turns green, and the same one who loves right on red, but can't stand the "full stop first" part.  It's probably the driver who is also so busy that he just doesn't have time for the signal light as he weaves through traffic 3 inches form your bumper.

So to "that driver" we ask for a little patience and care. We know you own the road, but we all want to get home safe, if that's ok with you. And for those who will undoubtedly encounter "that driver" use as much patience and caution as you can.

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