Between community service and keeping our environment safe and are things you may not have known about NJNG!

You know by now that the whole reason we are able to do our show live each Friday in the summer from Asbury Park is because New Jersey Natural Gas sponsors our Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio. You hear NJNG's Tom Hayes on the air with us from the boardwalk each week as he helps us all learn about community outreach programs, services, and non-profits that could use our support or places you can turn to for help when you need it.

This is one of my favorite things about NJNG -- they are a company that truly cares about and supports our community, even teaming up with our radio station for close to a decade now in order to spread the word throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties about what you can do to help and support community outreach services in your own backyard.

But there are some other facts about NJNG that you should know, and thanks to CEO Steve Westhoven, all of this great info has been pulled together in one place. So now you can check NJNG's sustainability efforts and work in the community by CLICKING HERE!

These are just a few of the facts:

-- NJNG has the most environmentally sound natural gas delivery system in NJ.

-- NJNG was the first utility in the nation to purchase responsibly-sourced natural gas.

-- NJNG was the first utility in NJ to join a coalition to drive reductions in methane emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

-- 100% of the natural gas used by NJNG's own facilities and natural gas fleet vehicles is offset with renewable energy.

And the NJNG SaveGreen Project has done some unbelievable work, too:

-- NJNG has invested over $169 million in energy efficiency programs.

-- NJNG has generated more than $417 million in green economic activity.

-- NJNG delivered nearly one million energy-saving tips to customers last year alone which is helping to drive energy efficiency even further.

To find out about all the sustainability info that NJNG has to share, CLICK HERE!

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