The annual Jenkinson's Boardwalk Job Fair dates have been announced!

Each year, Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach holds a Job Fair so that those looking for seasonal employment can present their job applications and have interviews for positions ranging from ride operators to game attendants, arcade employees, beach badge/beach umbrella employees, parking attendants, and positions in their restaurants, sweet shop and Aquarium. And more!!!

This year's Job Fair takes place on 2 dates: Sunday, March 10th, and Saturday, March 23rd, from Noon - 3 pm. The Job Fair will take place at Point Pleasant Beach Fire House 2 (614 Laurel Ave.) There are over 400 full- and part-time jobs available.

Working at Jenkinson's is great for everyone from first-time teen employees to teachers looking for summer income, and for senior citizens who like the beach and boardwalk family atmosphere of Jenkinson's. There aren't many places where kids as young as 14 can get their first job in a place with a family atmosphere.

My son Christopher got his very first job at Jenkinson's when he turned 14 years old and it did so much for him. It boosted his confidence, taught him all about dealing with the public, providing good service, and handling money, it gave him the opportunity to become part of a team and make a ton of friends, and it gave him something to build a resume on for future employment. And he had some of the best managers and mentors that a mom could wish for in regard to her child going out into the work world.

What's not to love about going to work at a place that people looks forward to visiting 3 seasons out of the year?!  After all, Jenkinson's is one of the Jersey Shore's happiest places!

CLICK HERE to find out all the specifics of the upcoming job fair.


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