There are a lot of great desserts floating around a state that takes it’s desserts very seriously, but what is New Jersey’s signature dessert. The debate is on.

Of course, there are two things you can count on in the Garden State, and they are the desserts will be delicious and that nothing is ever easy. I wanted to know the dessert the Garden State is most famous for. I went to four different sources and got three different answers. And the one answer that was repeated disappointed me very much. So let’s dig into some details.

Here is what four different sources say is New Jersey’s dessert.

Blueberry Pie. Now that’s a classic dessert and something New Jersey can be proud of. We’re known for blueberries and we are the diner capital of the world. Put that together and the Daily Meal gets props for their choice.

Salt water Taffy is not dessert. Yes it was invented here. Yes it can pretty much be deliciously awesome, but it’s still not a dessert. Yet that’s exactly what the Food Network chose as New Jersey’s dessert.

For me, Buzzfeed gets the win here. They chose Cannolis as the Garden State’s signature dessert. Bravo! And I second that!

Our final source is Travel Noire and their choice gives the majority to salt water taffy, which gets its second vote in our little study. Not. A. Dessert. That’s all I have to say on the topic.
All the great desserts here in the Garden State and salt water taffy takes the cake. That’s a hard one for me to swallow. Ok, I’m done.

Except for the fact that we have some of the best ice cream shops in the nation, and nobody mentioned our delicious Ice cream desserts. Now I'm really done.

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