New Jersey is famous for a lot of things, and despite our reputation, most of them are good things. But what is the Garden State best known for?

The website Insider did some research and determined what New Jersey, and all states in the nation, are most famous for, and in our case, we think you will agree with their findings. But since there are so many things we are famous for, lots of good choices were left on the cutting room floor.

Here are some of the things you might have thought would get this title, and maybe even deserved to gt this title, but didn't get it..

Famous Things About NJ

Having said all that, you are going to love the correct answer. It turns out that New Jersey is most famous for...everybody together now...diners. I told you you'd agree with that one, and even if you don't you certainly can't be mad at that answer.

New Jersey...the diner capital of the world. Congratulations to us!

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