One of my favorite place to grab a burger has just closed, but some great things are on the here's the latest!

There are always lots of things happening in the great, giant community of Wall Township. So I asked the mayor, Nick DiRocco, for an update.

I am surprised to learn that the Wendy's in South Wall on Rt. 35 has just closed. But the good news is that there is another Wendy's very close by, also in Wall, on Rt. 35 near the Whole Foods if you need your fast-food burger fix. I guess the town just didn't need two of them so close together. The Wendy's that closed will most likely be replaced by a Taco Bell.

Panera Bread will be constructing a restaurant on Rt. 35 in the shopping plaza where the Acme and Applebees are located. It'll go up on the northwest side of the shopping center, near the Allaire Road/NewBedford Road intersection. They have applied for building permits so construction will likely begin within the next few weeks.

Wall Township also recently cut the ribbon on beautiful new basketball courts at Community Park (next to the municipal complex on Allaire Road.) The town has also applied for a grant to construct a roller hockey rink at the park!

As you may have heard by now, the Circus property has been sold but there are no immediate plans for its future. Word has it the new buyer is not interested in running it as a restaurant anymore. The property has been zoned "highway business" which allows for general retail and light office space, so if the new owner decides he does want to make it a restaurant, he would have to go to the town for approval.

The site of the Circle Factory Outlets was sold earlier this year to a local developer. Right now he has no concrete plans as to what he will build there, so it still sits empty.

And now that the Foodtown has closed....we'll have to wait and see what happens there.

Meanwhile, construction continues on a new shopping/restaurant plaza where the old furniture store used to be on Rt. 35 across from Rook, and that is supposed to house a drive-through Starbucks, an eatery that has been rumored to possibly be a 5 Guys or Smashburger, and some other retailers.

And we are still awaiting word on what will replace the Lowe's in the Whole Foods Plaza. I will keep you updated as I hear what's happening.

Have you heard any gossip and rumors about what's coming and going? If so, please tell!



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