I know, I know, it has to be done. And there is never a good time to do it.....or is there?

Why can't all construction be done overnight?

Just wondering. Because this is one of those long, annoying projects that, although it will ultimately improve the intersection, is killing me with back ups and delays. This intersection has been called the busiest in all of Monmouth County. Over 37,000 travel through it every day!


I travel Rt. 34 a lot through the Colts Neck area, whether it's getting back and forth from Matawan/Aberdeen to Wall Township to spend time with my family, or driving my boys to their classes at Brookdale Community College since they don't yet drive.

I know there are alternate routes, like the Parkway, Rt. 18, and others...but I am a Rt. 34 girl and every once in a while I get caught in the backups and want to scream!

Plus, I really wanted to get in some tennis games with my son over at Dorbrook Park, but now I can't take the chance on not knowing how to time it with all of the backups. Sheesh! When will it end???

If you want to try and figure out exactly what is being done (I read it 50 times and still don't totally understand, except to say it will be a wider intersection), CLICK HERE and HERE.

Is this intersection's construction affecting you? Have you heard any rumors about a completion date? I know the project is being done in phases, but I still can't track down an official end date.


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