Social distancing is definitely a challenge no matter where you are, but how difficult is it to achieve here as compared to all the other states in America?

Our friends at WalletHub compared 13 key metrics to determine each state's rank for difficulty in social distancing, and it turns out, the Garden State ranks in the lower half of states.

To be more specific, after ranking the 50 states and D.C., New Jersey ranks #39 in the nation, meaning there are only 11 states where social distancing is easier. Does that mean we're generally anti-social here?

We'll let you decide that for yourself, but here are some of the highlights of the WalletHub study...

Social Environment...New Jersey is ranked 39th.

Time Spent On Social Activities...The Garden State is 43rd.

Money Spent On Social Activities...We rank 11th.

Of course, we rank much higher in the cost of social things than anything else related to social activities. Of course we do, we're New Jersey. But wait, there's more.

You think our 'money spent on social activities' should be higher because of the price of, well, everything around here? How perceptive of you. You are exactly right on that point. Here's why.

What if we take our 'money spent on social activities' rank, and adjust it for cost of living? well, in that case, our 'Total Annual Consumer Expenditures Per Household Related To Social Activities' adjusted by cost of living rank is #2 in the nation. Now, that's about right.

For the record, Utah is the state where social distancing is hardest, and Alabama is the place where it is the easiest, according to these statistics. You can review the entire study at WalletHub.

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