New Jersey is the punchline of many Hollywood jokes and comedian's monologues, but our national ranking among the happiest states in America may surprise you.

It turns out the people of the Garden State are pretty happy, at least happy enough to place us in the top 10 for happiest states according to a report at It seems that we're mostly pretty happy, except at work.

Here's how we ranked in different categories, according to the article. New Jersey is 8th nationally for "community and environment", 3rd for "emotional and physical well being, but we're ranked 41st when it comes to "work environment".

You can check out the categories that were included in the research at 28 key metrics were included in the study.

I think the overall results will surprise a lot of Jersey Shore residents who are used to seeing us rank much lower on studies like this. Turns out we're a lot happier than a lot of us give ourselves credit for.

By the way, Minnesota ranked # 1 and it was West Virginia in at #50 in this study.

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