July 20th is apparently a notoriously hot day here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, so today's weather should not come as any surprise to us.

We mentioned earlier this morning that our daytime high for today is expected to be 96 degrees, and that would fall short of the record high for the day, so we decided we'd see how far back in the history books to find out the last time a July 20th was this hot in our area.

We cleared our schedule for a day of research. We all took our allergy medication, in the event the weather history books were covered in dust from the years of sitting on the shelves undisturbed.

We wondered what a gallon of milk cost the year the last time the weather was this hot on this date. We wondered if electricity had been invented yet, and if there was even a thing called a meteorologist way back then.

We were all excited. We decided to start our research with 2019, and carefully work our way through the brittle pages of the weather history books until we uncovered the answer to our meteorological mystery question.

And finally, after seconds, maybe even minutes of research, we uncovered the elusive answer at timeanddate.com. The answer...July 20th, 2019. Wait, what?

It turns out that on this date all the way back to last year the daytime high in Freehold was 97 degrees, a degree warmer than we're expecting for today. Sometimes history is funny. we cleared the whole day's schedule for this research, and we didn't even need to cancel our brunch appointment.

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