There is romance in New Jersey, but exactly how far do you have to travel to find it? One publication says it's not as close as you might think.

The Active Times searched in each state to find the best romantic adventure, and when they found that place it turns out it's nowhere near Monmouth & Ocean Counties. As a matter of fact, it's about 100 miles away.

Wait. What? We live near gorgeous waterways and amazing restaurants, and , oh yeah, the Atlantic Ocean, so how far would we have travel for the ultimate New Jersey romance?

Turns out the publication says New Jersey's most romantic place is Cape May. So, get ready to do the 100 or so mile journey to Exit 0. That's right...GSP Exit 0 is where the romance is.

Now, I love Cape May, and there is no doubt it's a romantic place, but can somebody show a little love to Monmouth & Ocean Counties? We've got as many romantic places as any other part of the state.

Not to take anything away from Cape May, it's a gorgeous place and absolutely romantic. We do love you Cape May!

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