Essential personnel are the people who are bravely helping us through this pandemic. One publication listed 15 of these jobs and how much they make on average in each state.

The people at GoBankingRates wanted to find out how much money those performing essential jobs are making in each state, and they have revealed those numbers. Here are the details for New Jersey.

The following are the median annual salaries GoBankingRates has found for these 15 essential jobs in the Garden State...


Fast food and counter workers...$21,560

Correctional officers and jailers...$71,270

Police and sheriff's patrol officers...$88,130


Postal Service Mail Carriers...$63,010


Stockers and order fillers...$26,590

Elementary school teachers...$69,340

Middle school teachers...$71,650

High school teachers...$76,910

Child care workers...$26,180

Registered nurses...$83,920

Home health and personal care aides...$25,400

Bank tellers...$34,030

One thing is for sure. If you are helping us through this pandemic the way people listed above, and many others, are doing, than all the money in the world wouldn't be enough to say thank you.

These are certainly not all of the important occupations helping us out, just the ones focused on in the GOBankingRates study, but to all those putting others ahead of themselves, we honor you and thank you.

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