There is no doubt that we live in a state that puts a lot of financial pressure on us each day. So how much money does it take to be happy and satisfied in New Jersey?

That, of course, is a difficult question. You have heard the old saying that money can't buy you happiness, and it's true, but money certainly can help, especially in a state where everything is so expensive.

So, it's a tall task to try to determine just how much money you'd need to feel, satisfied, comfortable and happy around here, but that is just what Go Banking Rates did, and the number they came up with for the Garden State is going to floor you.

The website looked determined that in North America, you need about $105,000 to achieve happiness. And we all know that it's going to take more than that here in the good old Garden State.

So, exactly how much money means happiness, or at least some level of comfort, here in New Jersey. The answer to that question, according to Go Banking Rates is a whopping $128,520.

There are only 8 states in the entire nation that require a higher amount of money to achieve "happiness". Hawaii, by the way, is the highest, requiring $207,480. That makes our number seem almost reasonable.

How did the research determine the "happy" number? They used the $105,000 mentioned above as a starting point and factored in things like unemployment and crime rates for states to get to the number.

Let's all remember, that if you don't make the money that the study says you need to be happy in New Jersey, don't worry. Money certainly isn't the only factor in being happy. But it certainly helps. A lot.

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