This may come as an absolute shock to you (not), but New Jersey residents are among the top 3 states for holiday gift spending in the nation.

If the Garden State is on the top of any list, the odds are it's probably about how expensive things are here, and this survey is no exception. When it comes to holiday gifts, only one state digs deeper into their pocket than we do.

The top state for holiday spending is New Hampshire. On average,they spend $646 on gifts, while we here in the Garden State are dropping $553 on gifts. I'm actually surprised that all these numbers aren't even higher.

Many New Jersey residents did respond that they would spend over $1000, and it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if that had been our state average. The statistics were complied by

It doesn't matter where you turn or what you do, there always seems to be somebody reminding you just how expensive it it to live at the Jersey Shore!

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