Did you ever wonder just how safe New Jersey is? Recent research results may actually surprise you.

Recently, wallethub.com attempted to determine which state in America is the safest and they ranked all the states. If you thought New Jersey would be near the bottom of the list, you might to be pleasantly surprised.

Now, before you get too excited, the Garden State didn't make the top 5, or top 10, or even the top 15, but if the top 20 would surprise you, then prepared to be surprised.

New Jersey is listed as the 18th safest state in America, when you look at factors like personal and residential safety (we rank 10th), financial safety (37th), workplace safety (20th), and road safety (we're 20th).

There were other factors as well that determined each state's ranking, and you can check out more at wallethub.com. For the record, Vermont was listed as America's safest state, and the least safe state is listed as Mississippi.

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