When it comes to safety, how does the Garden State rank compared to all the other states in the nation?

WalletHub did some research and used several categories to come up with their conclusions and rankings. They looked at things like personal and residential, financial,  road and workplace safety, as well as emergency preparedness.

Some highlights for New Jersey in the research include a rank of 13 in the personal and residential safety category. New Jersey also has the highest number of law enforcement employees per 100,000 residents in the nation.

So, with all that said, how did New Jersey rank against the rest of the states when it comes to safety. The answer is a little disappointing. The Garden State was in the middle of the pack, literally.

It urns out we rank 25th, right smack in the middle. We did better than our neighbors in Pennsylvania (33rd), but not as well as New York which ranked # 22.

Our two lowest ranked categories were financial safety (41) and road safety (34), and our highest areas were personal and financial safety (13) and workplace safety (24).

You can check out all the results at WalletHub. And New Jersey, welcome to the middle of the pack.

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