I boozed in a Biergarten igloo and it was AWESOME! Just the other day my friends and I celebrated a birthday inside an igloo and we had a fantastic couple of hours. We kept warm and most importantly felt safe from COVID-19. The Biergarten in Asbury Park is an awesome place and the idea of using igloos this winter is innovative. The igloos are not cheap but it might be important for all restaurants to possibly buy multiple in the near future. If you or someone you know is looking to buy an igloo, click this link for a good example. 

Sooo Biergarten with my friends... well it turned into a booze fest. If you reserve an igloo at the Biergarten the tab must be $300. The eight of us were non-stop ordering huge tasty beers and we devoured about 5 orders of potato pancakes. You obviously can't get up and move around so we made our own fun by playing drinking games. For most of the time, we played "Viking", which is similar to Thumper but with a twist, as actions must be performed based on if you're sitting next to the Viking. If you care enough, full game details can be seen by clicking this link. 

If you feel safe and want to get out with a group of friends, I totally would suggest reserving an igloo at the Biergarten. Due to the pandemic, indoor dining is open at 25% capacity. They cannot accept reservations for those who just wish to have a "couple drinks". Sooo get your friends together, plan a day and make the most of it! You can give them a call at 732-997-8767. HAVE FUN! - Jimmy G

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