Two things you should know before I start typing this article. The first thing is that this puzzling "3 minutes of my life" happened about a week ago. The last few days, I've been contemplating how I should put the "event" I witnessed into words. As I am writing this, I still feel shocked, I still feel like a deer in the headlights! I almost thought maybe some things are better left unsaid but if I can laugh at the situation, I think you can too. The second thing you should know is that my boss really emphasizes the importance of having pictures and videos in the articles. However, you will soon realize why that is not possible. So here it goes...

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If you're familiar with my writing, you know I live in Wall Township. I host "Night's With Jimmy G" on 94.3 The Point from 8-Midnight. As you can probably tell, my schedule is very wacky. I am starting the working day when most of you are finishing the working day. Our radio headquarters are located in downtown Toms River so sometimes if I get a head start with my day, I like to kill a little time at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River. I go to the Mall pretty much every other week just to walk around and if I'm feeling good maybe I'll buy something or stop for some food. I really do love the Ocean County Mall but this story takes place outside in the parking lot.

Let's get to it... As you probably know, the Ocean County Mall parking lot has busy sections and not-so-busy sections. Every time I go, I park in a not so busy section, which is near JC Penney. This is usually closer to the Bahama Breeze restaurant. There are always empty parking spots in that area. However, I think I'm going to find a new parking spot after witnessing two people "fooling around" in the back of a car!! There I am making my way into the mall, taking my mask out of my pocket, minding my own business, it's a sunny, spring Jersey Shore day, AND BOOM! I can't believe what I was witnessing! It was so noticeable, I couldn't help but look! broad daylight, windows down, and these two lovers had no care in the world! I WAS A DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS, THE WHOLE SITUATION STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS! I felt like I was being pranked or something! The worst part, I don't want to get graphic but they were in the back seat, and as I'm walking by, the female saw that I saw what was going. The awkward eye contact I had with her was so painful, I almost had a heart attack. Split-second awkward eye contact can feel like a year. I quickly put my head down and continued to make my way into the mall. To be honest, I don't think the couple even cared that I saw what was going on. For the better or worse, they were truly in the moment. Passionate, I guess? Escapade, 100%!!

Now, do you get why I can't have pictures and videos in this article?

In conclusion, I'm all about love and tremendous passion but this was borderline ridiculous. HAHA! I mean come on, in the mall parking lot?!?! You can't even get a hotel?! I don't know how old they were but they were not young! These were not high school students getting their first kiss, these were grown, adults! I understand this pandemic has people doing crazy things but... in the mall parking lot during a random Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight?!? WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!

p.s. I bought a nice pair of sneakers!

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