A typical conversation I have with my Mother...

Me: "Hey, Mom! What are your dinner plans?"

My Mom: "Your father and I are going to Marina Grille."

At this point, especially now that the weather is getting nicer, my parents eat at Marina Grille every other week. Not only my parents but Jersey Shore residents can't get enough of this place. It's the place to be! The food is good, the drinks are tasty and the views are phenomenal. This May will mark exactly four years since the grand opening of Marina Grille, which cost the borough of Belmar $6 million to build. When the contract was signed in 2017, Belmar expected to receive $24 million over the 50-year contract. After seeing a tremendous crowd and personally having a fun Friday night at Marina Grille, I think it's safe to say that $24 million in 50 years is easily attainable.

I've been to Marina Grille many times but it was something about my recent visit that has me writing this article. My friends and I had a blast! Indoor and outdoor, the place was packed but it might have felt like that because I haven't seen that many people in one place in a very long time. Whether you're vaccinated or not, you can tell locals are gearing up for a tremendous summer. I will note that Marina Grille does a fine job following state COVID-19 rules and regulations. Honestly, it just simply felt awesome to be out and about on a beautiful spring night with many smiling locals. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

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I live in Wall Township so getting to Marina Grille is a quick drive on Belmar Blvd. before I have to make a left on Route 35. Once we got there, we luckily got a table outside overlooking the beautiful Shark River. The Marina Grille building is state of the art but the first thing you notice are the views, especially during a sunny spring/ summer night. We were fortunate to see a beautiful sunset, which is the cover photo of this article. The food and drinks could suck but the views would still be worth going to this restaurant. However, of course, the food and drinks don't suck! I've been battling nasty allergies (no it's not COVID-19) so I was drinking whisky on the rocks. Believe it or not, the whisky cleared up my sinuses, a couple of days later and I can finally breathe! Anyway, a couple of my friends had rum buckets, and one friend had a grapefruit margarita. Everyone loved what they were drinking and you can tell Marina Grille takes pride in having a tasty drink menu. You can check out the full drink menu HERE. We also kept it simple and got appetizers. I enjoyed a margarita pizza which was solid, and many of my friends ate the calamari which some say is the best calamari in the Belmar area. You can be the judge of that the next time you go. Marina Grille offers a wide variety of food, I haven't heard one person say something negative about the food. You can check out the full lunch and dinner menu HERE.

All in all, this place is fantastic and if you haven't been, it's a must-go. It's only been in business for four years but it already has that feel of becoming the next "Jersey Shore staple". If you're a Jersey Shore local, I highly recommend you take advantage of this place now because in the summertime you'll be waiting for a very long time to get a table to sit at.... but I think it's worth the wait.

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