It was on my bucket list :)

And although the plan was always that I would travel out of the state with a group of my girlfriends to a place far away and sing karaoke where no one could possibly know me, it turns out that I did it right in the heart of Asbury Park, lol!

I was over at Sami's Mediterranean Street Food Friday for lunch and Kahwaty Joe was on hand doing Karaoke. When Sami himself asked me to duet with him, how could I say no? (Well, in all honesty, I did say the girl that sang before me was American Idol-worthy!)  But then I went ahead and did it anyway.

I did have fun although it was awkward...and there were a few people on Facebook Live with their phones.....but I am hoping that there is no existing video out there to totally embarrass me.

Sami's Street Food is an awesome new restaurant. They have Karaoke every Wednesday night. I'll go back with my girlfriends sometime soon...because I am a glutton for embarrassing punishment, lol!!!

But, seriously, it was such fun.  I just wish that everyone was as bad a singer as I am, lol!

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