I am not Vegan, and wasn't even sure how to 'translate' the menu, so this was a new adventure in cuisine for me.

On a Saturday night Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar is packed! And if you don't make a reservation you may have to wait for a table. But that's a good thing -- because a crowded restaurant is a sure sign that the food is loved.

I invited friends, some of whom are Vegan, to join me. Kaya's Kitchen has live music/entertainment nights and my younger son was playing with the band, which is why we were there to begin with.

I decided on a dish that ended up being spectacular! It is called "Lion of Judah" and contains sweet potatoes, bites of lentil loaf, veggies, and a scrumptious sauce over brown rice. Even my picky older son loved it! My Vegan friends, some of whom had never tried this restaurant, loved their dishes, too!

In fact we enjoyed it so much that we even got an extra order of a spicy Enchilada dish to take home for the next day.

I am so excited about the menu and all of the delicious options that I would eat there every day if I could (and probably end up healthier for it, as a bonus!).

The atmosphere was fantastic, especially with the great live music! It's BYOB. And it's just off Main Street in Belmar on 10th Ave. (the address is 1000 Main Street) but there is actually another restaurant on the corner, so it's technically on 10th Ave. on the 'beach/east side of 10th Ave.)

What's your favorite Vegan meal/restaurant?


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