Lou and I have been doing The Point Morning Show together for close to 14 years now. But we just found out there is a chance we may never have met!

Our Morning Show friend Gary Gellman, (we refer to him as 'Photographer to the Stars') came on the air with us this morning holding a rejection letter he received 27 years ago....the same year that Lou and I met for the very first time.

It was in Asbury Park at this very radio station (whose call letters are WJLK) that Gary Gellman applied for a job -- a job that he lost to ME!

I was hired to work in the newsroom under Shawn Marsh. At the same time, in another department, Lou Russo was hired. And THAT'S how Lou and Liz met. (In fact I can remember the very first time I bumped into Lou in the hallway. He was so NICE to me back then, lol!)

So when Gary came in this morning and showed us that infamous rejection letter, Lou, in shock, then realized that had it not been for our old boss years ago hiring ME instead of GARY, Lou and I never would have met and would never have ended up with THIS show years later!

Sorry, Lou. I know you will now always wonder how many less arguments drama, and stress would have taken place in your life if you had never met me! LOL!

...and had Gellman not been rejected, you might have been listening to the Lou and Gary show all these years!

Luckily for Gary Gellman, he hasn't suffered from that rejection letter. In fact, his TV and Photography business, GELLMAN IMAGES, is going strong! He's photographed and interviewed more celebrities than Lou and I will ever meet in our lifetime!

And I'd like to thank Gary for getting to meet so many celebs through him. Thanks for this favorite photo, Gary!

liz jeressi and bruce springsteen
(photo by Gary Gellman, Gellman Images)

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